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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I bring 2020 On-site to my office?
‍Who coordinates the visit?
Who will I work with?
How much time is required to set up visits?
How often do you come on-site?
What if we need to cancel our visit?
Will you be marketing to my employees directly?
Is there a minimum number of employees required to bring 2020 On-site to my office?

Employee Management

How do employees sign-up for appointments?
What if an employee needs to cancel or reschedule?
How long are appointments?
Do you take care of all vision needs?
Are your doctors Ophthalmologists?
How can I ensure that 2020 On-site is providing high-quality vision care?
Can a patient take their records with them following their appointment?How do you protect our employee's privacy?


How much does it cost to bring 2020 On-site to my office?
How much does an exam cost my employees?
Are you in-network with our medical and vision insurance?
Do you accept FSA/HSA cards?
Does 2020 On-site have liability insurance?

After sales

How do employees get their prescriptions?
How do our employees get follow-up care?
How do employees get their glasses
?How much are glasses?
Can employees get contact lenses?