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COVID-19 Procedures

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COVID-19 Procedures:

Ensuring Everyone’s Safety


During these unusual times, many businesses are adjusting the way they once conducted their affairs. With a plethora of government-imposed conditions and procedures that must be respected, the EYWR Safety team is certainly no exception to that rule. Thankfully, we’ve adhered to these new regulations to ensure that our mutual protection is at the forefront of our minds when we pay your workplace a visit to help you choose your prescription safety glasses.


With that in mind, we pride ourselves on reassuring you. You won’t need to visit any clinics and can remain in a controlled and safe environment: your workplace. Minimize risking yourselves and your employees to potential exposure by letting us do all of the heavy lifting. Your employees will thank you as they won’t have to travel to do their eye exams and will comfortably choose their prescription safety glasses in a familiar and, most importantly, a trusted setting.


Below you will find all of the measures that are in place during eye exams and the selection process.



Your Policies and Screening for COVID-19


For starters, we would like to inform all current and future clients that the EYWR Safety team is more than willing to undergo COVID-19 screening before dropping by your office and to provide you with the results thereof. We believe that this is the bare minimum we can offer to ensure peace of mind for all parties involved.


However, as social distancing measures– maintaining a distance of six (6) feet or more– cannot always be respected due to the nature of the eye exam process, we will gladly wear a mask during the entire duration of our visit and any other safety equipment as required by your company policy*. Gloves are regularly worn, and changed between exams.


Conducting Eye Exams During a Pandemic


Now that we’ve covered the bare essentials, let’s take a closer look at how diligent we are when conducting on-site eye exams (note: click here to read about how EYWR Safety differentiates itself from competitors)


Our priority is to ensure that all of our equipment is properly sanitized, according to standards set out by the Ordre des Opticiens d’ordonnances du Québec and l’Ordre des optométristes. All disinfectants are also approved by Health Canada

Our equipment includes and is not limited to chairs, all pre- and regular testing equipment, workspaces such as desks or tables, and sample eyewear (such as safety glasses). Evidently, we take extra care in sanitizing all of the aforementioned upon arrival, before running tests, and after each completed test. When necessary, we will opt to use one-time, disposable tools.


Finally, all masks, gloves, and other equipment that can be changed between each exam will be switched to brand new ones. Once we’ve completed the exams, we will make all appropriate recommendations to patients and employees on steps to follow when they get home.


But you don’t have to take just our word for it; the following article outlines in much greater detail all of the measures in place that we respect and uphold on a daily basis. After all, this is one of the many reasons why EYWR Safety truly stands out.


Be safe, everybody!

Patrick is the owner and founder of EYWR Mobile and it's safety division.